March 2021 – Report published on the Implementation of the Grenfell Inquiry Phase 1 recommendations by the Mayor of London

Fire safety

Government limited Grenfell Inquiry recommendations for disabled people after push from industry lobbyists
Grenfell Tower inquiry: 11 key things we’ve learned this year
Quarterly thematic update on progress against the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Recommendations
Hackitt ‘delighted’ with the Building Safety Bill saying that there ‘can no longer be any excuse for holding back or doubting that things are going to change, ahead of the bill being made law.
Post-Grenfell cladding inspections find other fire risks
Kingspan quizzed at Committee and Inquiry
Covid: York self-isolating students told ‘wait behind in fire’ to let others out first. Isn’t this double standards as exactly the approach for disabled people?
Fire Risk Assessor Receives Fine of £1600, and ordered to pay costs of £7,864.15 after being charged with four counts of breaching fire safety regulations
Grenfell Tower victim’s family threatens legal action over lack of fire evacuation plan for disabled people
Residents told to evacuate tower block homes over safety concerns: A thousand residents to leave immediately because of safety concerns relating to the construction of the buildings
Public Accounts committee condemns unacceptable progress on replacing cladding: For the full report, click here
Waking watches: the scale of England’s building safety crisis unveiled: Inside Housing exposed the scandal of waking watches as far back as April
Cladding removal targets ‘badly missed’: The Fire Protection Association looks at the issues
Mobility scooters can be a real fire risk: Inside Housing reports that mobility scooters can result in a number of safety issues. As part of their ongoing Resident Safety Campaign, Inside Housing is recruiting 12 Safer Homes Ambassadors

Tower Block Fires For details of tower block fires in the UK this year, click here

Grenfell Tower Fire Inquiry
Grenfell Tower inquiry: ‘Whistleblower’ refuses to give evidence
Grenfell fire engineers had a ‘duty’ to disabled residents’ safety
Fire safety consultant gave ‘entirely inadequate’ advice
Fire engineer’s failure to analyse cladding was ‘evidence of professional negligence’
At least three missed opportunities for creating ‘fire strategy’, inquiry hears
Refurbishment notebooks ‘binned’
Evidence of ‘offline’ negotiations and altered priorities is exposing the attitude of the authorities to the tower and its residents
There was no existing fire strategy for the building
Leeds housing association boss joins Grenfell panel
Council’s head of building control denies ‘culture of bullying’
Window reveal contractor ‘assumed materials were fine
Cladding firm did not check the design met fire safety requirements
Post-Grenfell Tower Fire Inquiry Government Fire Safety Consultations
EHRC submission to Grenfell Tower Inquiry Summary
Grenfell architect clashed with council over fire prevention
Lead fire safety consultant ignored email about cladding
Leslie Thomas QC, also representing bereaved families, said the 2017 fire was “inextricably linked with race”
Dr Barbara Lane’s Expert Report to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Grenfell Tower
The twinned injustices of race and class lie at the heart of the Grenfell tragedy
Grenfell refurbishment firm called residents who complained ‘rebels’
UK could be breaking international law over cladding, says UN
White goods should be recorded in tower blocks to prevent fires” urges Electrical Safety First
Government failures over cladding leading to extra fire safety checks
The 46 urgent safety changes that need to be made to tower blocks
Petition to replace all flammable cladding on buildings in the UK
Only fraction of £600m pot to fix Grenfell-style cladding spent so far
2,000 buildings still covered with dangerous cladding three years on from tragic fire

Fire Statistics
There were 2,981 rescues from primary fires and 5,639 primary fires that involved an evacuation.
Eight per cent of fires in purpose-built high-rise flats spread beyond the room of origin, and a similar percentage to purpose-built medium-rise flats and purpose-built low-rise flats.
For detailed Fire and Rescue Services statistics, click here.